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What We Do

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Growth Strategy

No growth program begins without a sound, robust revenue building strategy.  This is where you will rely on our Chiefs to work together to formulate what’s needed for your firm to grow. We average over 30 years of growth experience. Managing the entire customer journey, from click to close, is what separates us.  Plan. Implement. Optimize. Grow.

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Marketing Orchestration

Lead Capture. Building Pipeline. Increase Conversion Rate. That’s what growth is all about.  Efficiently. Effectively.   Offers. Messages. Content. Search. Advertising. Influencers. Funnels. Lead Capture Widgets. Video. All of these lead generation tactics (and more) we implement and orchestrate to optimize conversion rate. All tests are optimized, affordably, and frequently.

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Sales Acceleration

For B2B, when leads are qualified, our sales process takes over to ensure you have the right foundation, platforms, systems, people, and processes to ensure no leads slip through the cracks.  Increase pipeline. Get more appointments, deliver more proposals, and close more deals. With rigor.


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Customer Success

You also need top-notch Customer Success program that leads to increased retention, which is critical for long-term revenue growth. We don't take this lightly. The best customers are your current ones. Combining a net-new Customer Acquisition plan with a Customer Success plan, you'll succeed and grow even faster.

Engage in Your Revenue Growth Team, and reach your goals more effectively.

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Customer Journey Analytics

We offer you custom analytics dashboards that give you and our team the insights and direction to either maintain, build, or pivot and tweak all the strategies and tactics that lead to revenue growth. We’re serious about measurement and will challenge our team of alliances and hackers to consistently outperform benchmarks and exceed planned KPIs to ensure greater ROI..

Our business model will have you intrigued as there’s none like it.  We’ll rev up all your marketing, sales, and retention programs, with the goal to drive significantly more revenue growth and profit to your firm.

Our key focus? Revving Up Your Conversion Rates!

Revving Up Your Conversion Rates

It All Starts with Driving Leads



You need to be found when prospects have identified their needs before you market them, thus you need to be visible on Google’s first page. Paid search, Search engine optimization (organic listing), and if applicable, Google shopping, are options pending the competitiveness of the keywords you wish to rank for.

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Inbound, or, demand generation, is defined as promoting your solutions to prospects within the channels they use to read industry-related content, a problem-solving message, whereby those prospects are intrigued enough by the message to offer their email address to learn more about their potential solution from you.  Today this is called lead magnet campaigns; converting prospects via landing pages, then following up with a structured funnel cadence with additional thought leadership messaging and offers.

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When we know your targets or ICPs, we can do appointment setting, acting as your inside sales team, to generate demos, trials, or other offers.  Using phone and email, plus 3rd party list databases (or your own lists), we will get you warm leads into your pipeline, as a complement to search and inbound. Then our sales acceleration management begins.

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Why Us?

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The executive team at RGT are all proven, experienced C-level practitioners that have come together as an alliance to manage every aspect of your buyer’s journey- from initial awareness all the way to conversion and purchase/close.

We are never satisfied with complacency; every day we seek to optimize growth! We’re your Fractional Chief Revenue Officers!

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We’re serious about revenue growth! So, it’s critical that sales and marketing work together with common goals. We do!

If growth is the goal, there really is no excuse to hiring marketing and sales consultants separately.  That’s why we include marketing AND sales optimization all bundled as one program. Align and grow. No other choice.

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We have a growth hacking mentality. We utilize robust and low-priced tools to support the strategic direction we provide.

This is because we stay current with the latest martech and adtech tools and trends. Think about this! Years of growth experience PLUS our eagenerness to keep learning.  This mix benefits companies like yours!

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We know how to set growth priorities, identify channels for customer acquisition, measure success, and scale growth. It’s in our blood!  To your benefit!

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Have the right revenue stack?

(A combination of martech and salestech tools).

The right tools at the right price and the right functionality can make all the difference in reaching revenue goals. We assess it all.

B2B? Why You Need Us.

  • If you seek an outside, experienced team to act as a conduit between you and your current marketing and sales team

  • If you lack marketing and sales leadership in your organization, and you're ready to begin a roadmap to increased pipeline and win rates

Private Equity Firm?  Why You Need Us.

  • If you need a seasoned team by your side to contribute to the revenue growth of your investment companies

SaaS? Why You Need Us.

  • Because marketing , sales, AND customer success need to collaborate and work together. We do.

  • If you're not reaching MRR goals and have a high churn rate, we are the team that can fix this

Venture Capitalist? Why You Need Us.

  • If the startups and businesses you invest in need a strategic plan to drive increased revenue

eCommerce Client ROI Increase
SAAS Client Conversion Rate Increase
B2B Service Client: Conversion Rate Increase
Software Firm: Leads Increased after 9 months
B2B Tech Firm: Sales Growth after 1 Year


We were looking to up-level our eCommerce marketing tactics and have utilized Paul Mosenson to assist us in our direction to drive conversions and sales. We like his “growth-hacking” mentality by planning innovative video campaign and lead magnet funnel programs to drive sales. In addition, he provides us with conversion rate optimization, and is very strategic when it comes to AB testing. We recommend Paul for any start-up or eCommerce firm looking to ramp up revenue and growth.”

Jonathan Parker,
Co-founder, Lean Factor and Z Natural Foods

Paul Mosenson has been integral part of our start-ups by contributing to their strategic direction with thoughtful and compelling recommendations and insights.  He’s much more than a fractional CMO; he builds landing pages, implements lead gen programs and optimizes them regularly, and is always offering new ideas that contribute to our success. And, we’re impressed by his negotiating skills and his attention to detail.  For any start-up ready to grow further, I recommend Paul highly!

Corey Park, Founder & Chairman, Academic Technology Ventures

Michael Nolan is an amazing driver of business. He seeks and partners in smart opportunities, always cognizant of the brand. As a merchant partner I found him atuned to real opportunties and translative of what it took to meet them. Michael is a great driver of business and an incredible partnership builder- an asset to any large corporation looking to build a B2B / Wholesale business.

Alisa Peterson, Director of Merchandising, Cheryl's Cookies

We hired Paul Mosenson and his team to manage our digital lead generation program as well as giving our website a facelift to increase our conversions. With Paul’s guidance, our site is much more engaging, and we have seen a strong increase in leads. We were impressed by his marketing knowledge and win-win approach. I’d recommend him to any business looking to grow further.

Ron Richter, Chief Executive Officer, ProFresh

Paul Mosenson has proven to be a great partner for us. What I appreciate the most is that he’s always proactive, constantly looking to improve our campaigns and find new lead sources. He’s accessible 24/7; unlike many agencies, you never question whether Paul is committed to your success. He’s like an extension of your team. Additionally, he’s a thought leader on content marketing, lead nurturing, the buyer’s journey, and demand generation. NuSpark has nailed our content, which isn’t easy for a technical SaaS product such as ours.

Jamil Khan, Director of Product Marketing, Galileo Performance Explorer

Michael Nolan is an amazing driver of business. He seeks and partners in smart opportunities, always cognizant of the brand. As a merchant partner I found him atuned to real opportunities and translative of what it took to meet them. Michael is a great driver of business and an incredible partnership builder- an asset to any large corporation looking to build a B2B business.

A. Petersen, Director

Harry & David

I leveraged Andreas Knoefel's deep domain expertise in building best-in-class Customer Success. Benchmarking ourselves against the Customer Success Performance Index™ gave us the invaluable insight to adopt the best-in-class business practices of leading organizations.


Manish Patel, VP Customer Success

Clever Tap

Mark Vashon is a natural leader and great sales executive. He is extremely customer focused and has an ability to surface customer needs and find areas to offer business value. Mark is one of those people that creates energy for the team and for customers. He is a true pleasure to work with and a dynamic sales leader.

Joe S, Program Leader


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