Your Revenue Growth Team. The Story

Your Revenue Growth Team was founded by Paul Mosenson, Head of NuSpark Marketing (demand generation), NuSpark Media (media buying), and NuSpark Consulting (Fractional CMO), in the Spring of 2021,  Evaluating needs in the marketplace, he felt that there needed to be a new kind of revenue growth consultancy, one that combined marketing AND sales processes, as one, and similiarly, media buying/SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) as one as well. Mosenson is well-versed in both B2B/SaaS and eCommerce as well as general B2C categories.

So he went to trusted colleagues as well as new ones, to build this consultancy of revenue growers, to help generate more sales, revenue, and value to your firm.  We work together, with our trusted alliances, including the data driven growth hacking community.  All processes measured via custom dashboards, which we evaluate to provide insights, recommendations, and perhaps pivots.

Listen below to Paul, as he tells a revenue growth story for B2B and B2C, and how Your Revenue Growth Team can contribute to your future success.


Your Revenue Growth Team Founder, Paul Mosenson


"The key to efficient and effective revenue growth is when marketing and sales collaborate as one, utilizing cutting edge low-cost tools and platforms, and robust analytics dashboards that support our growth decisions to optimize the entire customer journey, from click to sale."