B2B Growth

B2B Revenue Growth Means Marketing & Sales Aligned Together, As One

B2B Growth Services

When it comes to lead generation and sales, our mission is to reach audiences within the channels they use, with problem-solving messages, and offers that drive leads and conversions.  Everything we do is all about driving conversions, qualified leads and sales. And of equal importance, keeping those new clients long-term, via our customer success approach.

Our approach follows our unique method of driving profitable growth.

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6-Step Growth Process


  • Messages and value proposition
  • Target audience and personas
  • Tools and platforms
  • KPIs and conversion rates
  • Lead qualification process
  • Pipeline status
  • Content approach

Marketing Plan

  • Inbound lead generation
  • Lead magnets
  • Funnel/cadence building
  • Landing pages for lead capture
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website content/design update
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Demand Generation

  • Paid search
  • Trade journals
  • Display & retargeting
  • LinkedIn and Social Media
  • Intent targeting
  • Email marketing
  • Direct marketing

Sales Enablement

  • Sales and pipeline audit
  • CRM status and segments
  • Data cleanse and append
  • Technology evaluation
  • Sales content creation
  • Sales deck optimization
  • Social selling
  • Follow-up/cadence management

Sales Operations 

  • Pipeline Velocity Improvement
  • ICP- Customer profile development
  • Team personality assessments
  • Inside sales process optimization
  • Reporting & quota management
  • Deal strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Sales process development

Customer Success

  • Onboarding process
  • Customer segmentation evaluation
  • Product usage adoption
  • Customer feedback
  • Customer advocacy
  • Data integrations
  • Workflow management
  • Communication channels

And what encompasses all the above? 

A focused message integrated with the ideal client identification; and building trust via the buyer’s journey.  RGT manages and optimizes the entire sales funnel to get your firm on more short lists, and then more closed deals and net new customers.

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We combine a focus on performance with cutting edge technology, and together with our obsession to drive growth, aim to be your strategic partners as we grow revenue together.