B2B Growth

Spotlight on B2B Firms with Long Buying Cycles

B2B firms who sell products/services that require much consideration and multiple stakeholder decision making have to focus on robust content marketing strategies that build trust and can segue prospects from awareness to consideration to desire.  Marketing & Sales alignment is most important here for revenue growth.

Optimizing the customer journey is a process Your Revenue Growth Team is skilled at.  Marketing drives leads into the funnel, nurtures those leads, and once they are qualified (MQL stage) they move to your CRM where sales takes over to further qualify, and begin their own sales cadence, while lead nurturing continues with trust content and additional thought-leadership offers and events.   With marketing & sales working together, we call this Revenue Enablement.

Besides our general 6-step growth approach for B2B we pay attention to:

  • Buyer personas: A review of all your prospect needs, business challenges, pain points
  • Building a comprehensive content map and plan; aligning offers with problem-solving needs, then an editorial calendar with topics as seeds to nurture sequencing strategy
  • Marketing cadences via email and retargeting, to begin building a case to consideration
  • Sales cadences via email, calls, and social connecting, to transform qualified prospects into sales opportunities
  • Long-form content planning covering white papers, eBooks, and webinars; for each segment of the customer journey
  • Compelling and persuasive case studies
  • Marketing automation platform review and recommendations
  • Conversion rate from website lead to customer sale
  • Account-based marketing planning (ABM) opportunity
  • Teleservices or appointment setting process
  • List procurement- 3rd party sources, email platforms, list verification, sales engagement platforms, “cold email” message tactics.
  • Martech and salestech tools needed to drive engagement
  • Sales results based on lead origination (including attribution)
  • Channel partners and distributors
  • Sales generated lead planning and trade shows

Marketing and sales both work together as you can see by optimizing the buyers’ journey with the goal to generate more leads into your pipeline and close more deals.  It’s a process that takes commitment, but by building trust, having a compelling website, and incorporating a robust sales process, growth will occur.  Content is key.


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