Growth Analytics

We’re serious about measuring results quickly.  With robust analytics, we can make smarter business decisions, and that means more growth.

Every element of our revenue generating processes, covering marketing and sales tactics, includes robust and custom dashboards to allow us to optimize and adjust frequently as well as provide you with insights and our progress on delivering results.

We combine all the measurable data into what we call growth analytics. Growth Analytics looks at all the important elements of growth like Sales, Lead Generation, User Experience, Retention etc. and outputs them into custom and actionable data sets with trends and opportunities.

Our growth analytics service integrates data sets from a variety of sources, rapidly visualizing the information for key insights and predicting what will happen next.

By uncovering data insights about customer needs, behaviors, and preferences, we can recommend the best tactics to achieve your business goals.

Plus, by combining key marketing, CRM, and sales data we can track the entire buyer’s journey from first click to win rates, calculate customer lifetime value, predict future behavior, identify customers likely to churn, and monitor business performance metrics.

We Love Custom Dashboards

Our custom dashboards cover a variety of data sets, including.

  • Sales Growth: Analyzing sales growth involves measuring revenue increase over a fixed period of time
  • Sales Funnel: Each stage of the buyer’s journey has a different dynamic, so we measure your sales team’s success at each stage. You will almost always find progressively fewer prospects at each stage
  • Pipeline Velocity: Measuring pipeline velocity is the ideal way to bring targeted improvements to your sales process. The calculation of your pipeline velocity (PV) will tell you how much money you have coming through your business per sales cycle length
  • Lead Generation & Conversion: An understanding of lead generation and conversion metrics cannot be understated. By aligning marketing, funnel, and sales metrics together you get a true picture of growth effectiveness.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Knowing your customer lifetime value tells you how much you can spend to acquire a customer and how far you should go to retain them.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost: Your CAC tracks the average cost of gaining one customer, including everything from marketing and sales costs to the cost of people, time, and resources.
  • Conversion Rate: From marketing CR to Sales CR, across all channels and funnels, give us insights on what is working and not, and provides clues for continuous revenue improvement.

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