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Why CEOs should care about marketing just as much as sales

By Paul Mosenson | Feb 10, 2022

  CEOs focus on sales, but marketing needs to be top-notch to complement those sales. Yes, hire a sales coach, but you need experienced marketing leadership. Marketing is the key…

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Why and How Trust Generates More Leads and Sales to Your Firm

By Paul Mosenson | Jan 23, 2022

  Today, very many factors drive the success of a firm. You require an effective marketing strategy, a product in demand, and the appropriate tools to provide products cost-effectively and…

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Revenue Growth 2022 with Your Revenue Growth Team

By Paul Mosenson | Dec 29, 2021

  Hey it’s Paul Mosenson.  Founder of Your Revenue Growth Team, and NuSpark Consulting.  You’re busy, as am I. But we are always looking to build relationships. We both need…

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How Branding & Brand Awareness Leads to Increased Revenue Growth

By Paul Mosenson | Dec 28, 2021

  Branding is one of the most critical factors in business today, and business owners must understand how to leverage their brand to the best of their ability. Branding, if…

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Build Revenue and ROI with Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Channel Marketing

By Paul Mosenson | Dec 23, 2021

  Companies want to create synergies by leveraging their network effect – the more people selling your product, the better it sells. Companies also want to maximize the value of…

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SEO: Keeping it Real. It’s About Leads & Sales

By Paul Mosenson | Nov 7, 2021

  Just a few words on SEO, or search engine optimization. Personally, it can be over-rated in some respects. Your real goal is driving efficient, quality leads or sales, right?…

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Inbound and Outbound Marketing; Working Together for Ideal Revenue

By Paul Mosenson | Oct 24, 2021

  Inbound and outbound marketing seem like great rivals, at least on the face of it. While inbound marketing focuses on attracting prospects through valuable experiences, outbound marketing involves aggressively…

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Why Marketing & Sales Both Need Each Other for Revenue Growth

By Paul Mosenson | Oct 7, 2021

  The most crucial goal of every business is to increase revenue through marketing and sales. Marketing is the process of creating awareness of the company’s product or brand to…

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Webinar Replay: Why Sales Needs Marketing to Grow

By Paul Mosenson | Oct 3, 2021

Watch Paul Mosenson, Fractional CMO and Founder of Your Revenue Growth Team, explain from a marketing perspective why you need to pay attention to marketing in order to feed your…

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