Cold Lead Generation: Grow Big and Fast.

Growth Hacking Lead Generation

As a growth marketing team combined with outbound appointment setting and sales outreach, we can provide you with quality leads, mostly verified, and then sequence them via robust email and call cadences by using our many outbound tools. By managing the platforms, and tracking results, we will provide your team with new leads, conversations, and engagements.

Lead Gen

Outbound Lead Gen Process


  • Messages and value proposition
  • Target audience and personas (ICPs)
  • Problems you solve; solutions you offer
  • Current Tools and platforms, CRM
  • Review, assess, build, demo landing pages

Prospecting Plan

  • Technical setup if needed: new domain/SMTP server
  • Evaluate & choose sales engagement platform
  • Choose a B2B database tool with target filters, including intent data overlay
  • Begin building lists, with industry and phone numbers
  • Verify emails to limit spam and maxmize deliverability

Cadence/Sequencing Plan

  • Build email campaigns, focusing on trust, problems, solutions
  • Build appointment setting scripts for demos
  • Set up lead generation sequences/funnels
  • Track key metrics; optimize on an ongoing basis

Tools We Like and Use 






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Lead Gen

More About Our Favorite Lead Generation Tools


Enjoy automatic lead generation and managing e-mail drip campaigns with CRM integration. All you need to do is set up a customer profile and schedule an email campaign to automatically generate new sales opportunities.

Apollo is a sales engagement platform that combines what are normally two unique functions. A database of contacts and the ability to run full outbound campaigns. The product provides an extensive database of over 200 million contacts across 10 million companies that you can quickly access and important into their workflow tool.


LeadSift is a B2B intent data provider that helps organizations identify and prioritize the prospects and accounts they should be targeting. We collect data from millions of Unstructured Public Web Data to identify when prospects are showing an increased interest in competitors and relevant topics. Once we identify a signal, we go through a sophisticated mapping process to understand who these prospects are and where they work to determine if the signal is relevant. The end output is a contact.


Infotelligent is the leading sales growth platform that enables sales and marketing teams to find B2B buyers with intent signals and accelerate their sales pipeline and grow sales faster. The Infotelligent Chrome extension delivers sales intelligence, buyer intent data, verified leads, firmographics, tech stack, and much more all while you surf the web.


GoHighLevel was designed to take the time and frustration out of getting clients to convert leads. It enables clients to quickly and easily create automated follow up campaigns, landing pages, survey forms, scheduling, and cold outreach campaigns.

With a website builder, CRM, landing page and funnel builder, email marketing and marketing automation (call tracking, SMS, voicemail drops), and more all available in one easy to use digital marketing and sales platform, GoHighLevel stands out as one of our favorite new SaaS tools in the marketing landscape for the last few years.


And what encompasses all the above? 

A focused message integrated with the ideal client identification; and building trust via the buyer’s journey.  RGT manages and optimizes the entire sales funnel to get your firm on more short lists, and then more closed deals and net new customers.

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