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Spotlight on Manufacturing

Manufacturing Growth is a hybrid between eCommerce (purchase online) and demand generation (problem-solution lead gen models). Today more manufacturers are doing direct selling online, but the most common conversion action is “Get a quote” on a website. That means the website and product descriptions better be “persuasion optimized” or prospects will leave and consider a competitor. 

The consultants at Your Revenue Growth Team have many years’ experience managing marketing & sales for the manufacturing industry.



Besides our general 6-step growth approach for B2B firms, we do pay extra attention to for manufacturing:

  • Customer journey mapping from website visit to Quote conversion to sales close.
  • Revenue metrics by product type and services offered.
  • Competitive analysis and your unique selling proposition.
  • Product winners and products that need a jump-start.
  • Follow-up/cadence tactics (emails, offers, upsell/cross-sell)
  • Channel partners and distribution strategies.
  • Online directory listing optimization.
  • Product SEO and Google Manufacturing Center.
  • Opportunities for product or service innovations.
  • Buyer personas and workplace challenges.
  • Targeted messaging and creating “purchase now” themes.
  • List procurement and email strategy
  • Trust building and case studies
  • Opportunity for explainer and thought-leadership videos.
  • Marketing automation and martech/salestech assessments.


The goal of a manufacturer when selling products is to first, get on the short-list, then persuade those prospects that you are the ideal vendor.  Marketing and sales both need to work together to build trust and conversions.  It’s what we do at Your Revenue Growth Team, and we help you optimize performance to further grow your company.


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