A/B Testing for Higher Conversions

A theme for our model at Your Revenue Growth Team is optimizing conversion rates. A/B testing is serious work.  We preach testing, as any slight adjustments to marketing campaign parameters can have a significant impact to business growth.

When we plan marketing campaigns, we will include a portion of your budget to testing provided we have enough data to compare with, and we agree to a commitment to conversion rate optimization, or CRO.

Elsewhere on our site are our ROI calculators that include “what-if” performance increase scenarios.   This goes hand-in-hand with marketing testing, because if our test plans with thoughtful hypotheses are successful, conversion rates increase, and that means more revenue and growth.

Tests cover several elements; of which we will evaluate and build a plan. Examples of tests are website or landing page messages, campaign offers, media channels, ad creative, email subject-lines and promotions, design elements, headlines, CTA buttons, and many more.

The below template shows our approach to testing, where we state a hypothesis, determine the specific variables so we have controls to test against, set up testing parameters such as length of test and amount of data needed to make decisions on, then a place to record findings and insights.  We can use your team or our alliances and tools to build and manage the tests of which they report back to us with the results so that we may evaluate and determine next steps.

Feel free to click the image below and download an enhanced version as a PDF.

Its how we work, to optimize performance and drive revenue growth

Conversion rate optimization on virtual screen. CRO concept and lead generation 2021

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