Media Planning & Buying

Media Buying & Revenue Growth.  A Perfect Combination

Why a sound media plan, covering traditional or digital media, coupled with an optimized revenue growth plan, is the best approach to growing your business faster and more efficiently.


Your Revenue Growth Team is a team of experienced consultants and alliances working together, as one, to contribute to the growth of your business. When you have alliances as part of a team, you have seasoned and proven specialists, doing what they do best, to plan and implement various marketing tactics efficiently and effectively, to your benefit.

From a media buying standpoint, because of our years of experience buying all forms of media, we are seasoned negotiators, with your bottom-line in mind, always, to maximize ROI and results.  

Additionally, we indeed keep up-to-date on the latest trends, channels, and ad technology.    

Besides our general 6-step growth approach for B2C or DTC, these are the benefits of using us to buy media.

Business people are analyzing and planning business. Business Strategy Consulting
  • Each consultant or alliance has at least 10 years’ experience helping clients grow their business
  • Every campaign begins with the following
    • Landing page/website conversion optimization assessment
    • Google Analytics assessment for goals and benchmarks
    • Implementation of tracking for non-digital (Vanity URLs, custom numbers, texting)
    • A deep dive into your product benefits and target audiences
    • An assessment of creative needs and aligning with creative teams as needed
  • We follow the growth-hacking mentality; meaning we consistently test and perform frequent tweaks and optimizations to ensure maximum ROI
  • We’re hugely analytical, and with our dashboards, will generate reports, insights, and suggestions for future campaigns.
  • Additionally founder Paul Mosenson developed his own app recently, and can perform add install media campaigns for customers
  • We are driven by results and cost-effective media buying. Because of our experiences, we know how to negotiate strategically on your behalf, and we drive added-value as much as possible due to our media know-how and relationships.

The Media Buying Team


Paul Mosenson

Media Strategist, Digital Buyer, Search Marketer, Fractional CMO

Your Revenue Growth Team founder Paul Mosenson is a long-time media strategist and buyer.  With over 35 years of experience, Paul has a wealth of experience managing campaigns as a former Media Director at large ad agencies, then running is own marketing firm targeting both B2B abd DTC clients.  Paul is well-versed in all things media, from traditional to search to display, and manages analytics as well.

Marketing Consultancy: NuSpark Consulting

Media Buying Consultancy: NuSpark Media




Natalie Hale

DRTV Media Expert, Streaming Radio, Performance Media

Natalie and her California-based firm, Media Partners Worldwide, is a full-service DRTV, performance-based media agency that brings over 20 years if experience driving efficient traffic and sales to clients across the country. Focusing on radio and TV, MPW continues to grow ahead of the curve and create better ways to measure attribution, deliver results and provide the best value to Direct Response clients and brands. MPW’s team goal is always to surpass expectations, provide superior service and maximize ROI for each business owner we serve, large or small.

Alliance firm: Media Partners Worldwide



Helene Parker

Online Display & Programmatic Media Expert

Helene Parker is an alliance that builds and manages robust display campaigns covering website, mobile, and social channels via programmatic means.  Helene has a genuine passion for digital marketing and a positive, upbeat energy. She is a dedicated and reliable team member who inspires others and brings creativity to the analytical tasks of executing digital media.

Alliance firm: Helene Parker




Greg Beyer

Direct Marketing/ Relationship Marketing Expert

Media is defined as a channel of communication. And, that includes direct mail as well.  Greg Beyer has been managing direct for over 25 years, many at New York's top ad agencies. Besides his work at planning, designing, and implementing direct mail and relationship marketing programs, Greg oversees creative execution and branding elements for both B2B and DTC clients.

Alliance firm: The Idea Hut

Is your website/landing page optimized for more conversions & sales?


Driving qualiy traffic is one thing; converting them into leads and sales is another.  That's our goal with you, is to drive sales, efficiently and effectively.  

Our conversion-rate-optimization program includes:

  • Message and social proof assessment
  • Offer and promotional  consultation
  • Testing plan
  • Recommended widgets ans tools that drive sales

All media plans come with measurement plan and conversion rate increase plan.  As they should. 

No matter the channel, we got you covered.


  • DRTV
  • Spot
  • OTT
  • Connected
  • Cable


  • National
  • Local
  • Remnant
  • Streaming
  • Satellite


  • YouTube
  • Pre-Roll
  • Social



  • Programmatic
  • Contextual
  • Retargeting
  • Geofencing
  • Native



  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Others


  • Out-of-Home
  • Podcasts
  • Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Influencer 

Cost-Effective Media Buys

Increase Conversion Rate

Test, Measure, Optimize

With Your Revenue Growth Team, you have all channel bases covered, from digital to search to TV to traditional media to direct marketing. With analytics and measurement driving strategic decisions.

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