Free ROI Calculators

When we begin engagements, a key element of our discovery is gauging current benchmarks and KPIs covering marketing and sales metrics. We have created unique ROI calculators by industry type to help set the stage for growth. Each calculator includes many key business metrics we look at as well as multiple types of scenarios that can represent potential improvement in revenues.

See what happens when website conversion rates increase.  See what happens when we can increase customer lifetime value. See what happens to your bottom-line when more opportunities and wins occur. You'll see how even minor increases in performance throughout the customer journey can make huge impacts.  Download for free.

The pipeline ROI calculator captures key funnel metrics from website conversion rates to sales opportunities, MQL-SQL rates, revenue and LTV metrics, and closing rates.

The eCommerce ROI calculator covers product and cart page visits, purchases, revenue and CLV, retention, and transactional conversion rate metrics.

The manufacturing or industrial B2B calculator covers B2B whose CTAs are typically Get a Quote, and thus covers quote conversion rates, and projected revenues per customer.

The SaaS ROI calculator is unique, covering free trial and monthly buyer conversion rates, churn rates, MRR trends, total and net new customer comparisons & growth rate projections.





When you receive the calculators, in Excel format,  we will contact you to give you detailed instructions and how to customize them for your business. We'll go through them with you. The basic instructions are:


BASE Column

  • Fill in either numbers or percentages in Gray boxes. Data gathered from CRMs, Google Analytics, or other platforms.
  • Marketing & Sales costs are based on current fees or if we work together, our fees.



  • Allows 3 different “what if” scenarios to experiment with- a mix of traffic increase percentages, conversion rate increases, pipeline increases, lifetime value and retention increases.
  • By creating scenarios, we can determine goals, and see what the expected projections to growth and revenue would be based on those projections.


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