Sales Acceleration

Sales acceleration refers to strategies that help businesses move prospects through the sales pipeline with greater efficiency. Effective sales acceleration processes and tools provides sales teams with timely data and insights designed to increase the velocity and relevance of customer conversions. Not only do teams close deals more quickly, but they prospect, qualify leads, and optimize the sales process, all without compromising any of the customer experience.

The best-in-class sales departments have mastered key sub-segments of the sales acceleration process, namely sales enablement, sales engagement, and sales operations. We at Your Revenue Growth Team help you with all of this!  The goal is better prospecting, better communication, and increased close rates.

Our Fractional Sales Consulting Services cover Sales Engagement, Sales Enablement, and Sales Operations (including sales tech). No other consultancy manages each of these elements together like we do, as one.


Michael Nolan, Your Revenue Growth Team


Michael Nolan works with sales teams to identify/confirm unique selling propositions and puts together sales processes that improve every stage of the pipeline, from SQL to close. He coaches and team builds. He’s a great leader, and as part of national organization Sales Xceleration, his credentials come unmatched.

“Sales engagement provides insights about the customer journey so that sales teams can track how messaging, content, timing, and other factors come together to shape the buyer experience. Engagement insights are then used to optimize the quality and efficiency of the sales process. Today, most interactions take place on calls or online, via email or social media, allowing firms to build scalable engagement strategies that accelerate revenue growth.”


Chuck Coveleski, Your Revenue Growth Team


Chuck Coveleski is an innovative sales tech and sales enablement leader, recognized for driving sales strategy & process improvements across all industries.  For Your Revenue Growth Team, he will provide sales enablement consultation and CRM management as needed..

“Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing the sales teams with the information, content, and tools that help sellers engage with buyers and sell more effectively.  Content management is a vital component of sales enablement. Sales teams need custom content to better tell a story on how your solutions can solve business problems of a specific prospect based on the prospect’s specific needs. “


Mark Shalinsky, Your Revenue Growth Team


Mark Shalinsky is founder of Data Sales Science and a strategic alliance to Your Revenue Growth Team.  Focused on sales operations, Mark helps firms use data properly to grow more effectively. Using statistical analytics and predictable modeling, Mark’s insights help sales teams make the best decisions for growth. Services include assessing and optimizing sales tech, dashboarding and reporting, and CRM management.

“Sales Operations is responsible for everything from lead management, sales strategy, and territory structuring and alignment to sales process optimization, compensation plans, sales automation, training, and data analytics and reporting.  The core of sales ops is focused on making improvements to three key areas: sales strategy, team performance, and building a robust sales stack with tools that enable reps to sell more efficiently.”

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