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The foundation of sales enablement strategy is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.  It’s the process of providing the sales team with the information, content and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively.  That simple.  And another example of why marketing & sales need to align, like we have at Your Revenue Growth Team.

Additionally, sales enablement analytics provide marketing and sales teams with data-driven insights to optimize their business and drive revenue

Our related service, Partner Relationship Management, is similar, because the channel are salespeople as well, and need content and tools to help them sell as well.  When you think about it, sales enablement and PRM go together as they should.

Once engaged, we can help your salespeople to be trained on how to use sales enablement tools to their best advantage, and learn how to utilize content to drive trust, engagement, and more deals.

Who owns sales enablement?

Sales enablement is owned jointly by sales and marketing.

Both sales and marketing must collaborate on what resources are needed for their sales engagements and outreach, like guides, PDFs, videos, and more. Our marketing team will create and design the majority of the content and training materials needed for sales enablement to work.

It’s up to sales management to make sure the sales enablement process and platforms are being put into practice. We can assist you with this.


Placing a focus on sales enablement makes sales teams more effective by:

  • Connecting sellers to relevant, compelling content
  • Providing flexible ways to present content to prospects
  • Delivering real-time visibility into customer engagement
  • Applying advanced analytics to optimize sales pitches
  • Measuring all the above and mapping against bottom-line results and deals


Sales enablement improves performance by helping reps consistently engage with prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey.  To win deals, sales content strategy and execution must be precise, data-driven, and in the format most useful to the target audience.

At Your Revenue Growth Team, we’ll take a leadership approach to build the content, and then contribute to your sales team’s outreach and follow-up success with the tools.  We are partners with one tool: Mediafly, one of the leaders in the sales enablement field.

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