Our Team

Chief Revenue Growers



Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Mosenson

Growth Marketer; Demand Generation; Buyer's Journey Optimization

30+ years of delivering robust media and lead generation plans, helping to increase market share and skyrocket overall profitability for his clients.  Equally skilled at B2B lead generation and B2C marketing and eCommerce. Consistently delivers positive ROI. Focus is Buyer's Journey Optimization (Message, Channels, Conversion Rate, Analytics)

Category Tags: B2B, SaaS, DTC

Consultancy: NuSpark Consulting


Chief Growth Officer

Gary Morgan

Drives Value-focused Growth

Enables strategic transformation to align a company's overall goals, performance measurement, analytics techniques, and management processes with the key drivers of value.  Assists companies to facilitate change in organizational behavior to use valuation as an accountability metric and decision-making tool.

Category Tags: B2B, SaaS

Consultancy: AdvisorXO


Chief Sales Officer

Michael Nolan

Build Sales Strategies, Processes, and Team to Accelerate Revenue Growth

Highly astute and accomplished Sales and Business Development leader with significant hands-on, cross-section experience at both large, brand name  companies and mid-size organizations focused on building and developing sales teams to achieve breakthrough sales results.

Category Tags: B2B

Consultancy: Ascend Sales Advisors


Chief Communications Officer

Randye Spina

Crafts Messages & Content That Deliver Results

Randye joins us as an accomplished marketing and communications consultant helping firms plan, develop, and produce content and messaging that delivers on corporate objectives. She has been a senior team member of two successful startups, one from the ground up and the other from $15M to $125.  Her experience includes developing internal and external communication strategies and processes. She's led large-scale, multi-platform product launches.

Category Tags: B2B, DTC



Chief Customer Success Officer

Andreas Knoefel

Helps SaaS & B2B Reduce Churn and Increase Retention to Drive Growth

Top 50 Customer Success Influencer. Builder of best-of-class Customer Success and ProServ organizations, boosting subscription renewals, customer loyalty, and profitability in competitive markets by over 30%. Recognized as Thought Leader by the Chasm Institute on Customer Success. Inventor of the Customer Success Performance Index™, a framework that leads to exceptional Net Revenue Renewal rates.

Category Tag: SaaS

Consultancy: CSTuners



Chief Sales Optimization Officer

Mark Shalinsky

Using Data & Dashboards to Improve Sales Targeting & Wins

Mark will simplify and organize your data in a way that provides you with insights that will help your team make the best decisions for growth. His domain expertise offers the ability to analyze data and convert them into action such as; Identifying market segments  Average sales price (ASP) for those market segments, Messaging specific to ideal customer profiles (ICPs), Win/loss cycles, and much much more.

Category Tag: B2B

Consultancy: Data Sales Science



Chief Media Officer

Natalie Hale

Direct Response Media Buying Specialist

Natalie is an accomplished Media Strategist focusing on performance media buying, including DRTV, remnant, streaming radio, satellie radio, and more.  Combining strategic media direction and outstanding negotiation skills, she offers clients profitable media buys that work!

Category Tag: DTC

Consultancy: Media Partners Worldwide




Chief SaaS Sales Officer

Mark Vashon

Early Growth Stage Startup Executive who Helps SaaS Firms Scale

Mark helps SaaS Early and Growth Stage scale, with 25+ years successfully driving revenue at the executive level for multiple startups. He is described by his colleagues as a hands-on, energetic, professional with extensive experience in GTM, Sales, Marketing, RevOps and Customer Success. His approach is very collaborative and operationally focused through identifying the root problem and defining a plan to solve the challenge.

Category Tag: SaaS

Consultancy: MNBM Consulting




Chief Sales Enablement Officer

Chuck Coveleski

Sales Enablement & Sales Tech Expert

Chuck is an innovative sales tech and sales enablement leader, recognized for driving sales strategy & process improvements across all industries.  For Your Revenue Growth Team, he will provide sales enablement consultation and CRM management as needed.  Sales enablement means equipping your sales teams with the right strategies, tools, content, and other resources to help them succeed. Chuck helps sales reps target the right buyers and increase engagement using relevant content.

Category Tag: B2B

Consultancy: Infinity Sales Partners