Our Team

Chief Revenue Growers



Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Mosenson

Growth Marketer; Demand Generation; Buyer's Journey Optimization

30+ years of delivering robust media and lead generation plans, helping to increase market share and skyrocket overall profitability for his clients.  Equally skilled at B2B lead generation and B2C marketing and eCommerce. Consistently delivers positive ROI. Focus is Buyer's Journey Optimization (Message, Channels, Conversion Rate, Analytics)

Category Tags: B2B, SaaS, DTC

Consultancy: NuSpark Consulting


Chief Growth Officer

Gary Morgan

Drives Value-focused Growth

Enables strategic transformation to align a company's overall goals, performance measurement, analytics techniques, and management processes with the key drivers of value.  Assists companies to facilitate change in organizational behavior to use valuation as an accountability metric and decision-making tool.

Category Tags: B2B, SaaS

Consultancy: AdvisorXO


Chief Content Officer

Charlene Smith-McCaw

Marketing & Communications Consultant, Content developer

A results-oriented, yet practical expert with proven strengths in marketing and communication strategy and tactics. Benefit from experience in content development, project management and delivering a wide-range of marcomm capabilities in a variety of formats. Flexible staff-extending resource or freelance project implementer strong in messaging, content development, organizational change support, and strategic planning through execution

Category Tags: B2B, SaaS, DTC

Sample work: a compilation of fact sheets and guides

A sample SaaS lead magnet


Chief Creative Officer

Rhonda Serkes

Design and Brander. 

All-around creative consultant. Helps brands with their styling, look-feel, and conversion-optimized design.  She does it all. Websites. Emails. Ads. Collateral. Direct Mail, Signage, and more.  Takes the written words and makes them become alive to drive prospect and engagement.

Category Tags: B2B, SaaS, DTC

Sample Work


Chief Sales Officer

Michael Nolan

Build Sales Strategies, Processes, and Team to Accelerate Revenue Growth

Highly astute and accomplished Sales and Business Development leader with significant hands-on, cross-section experience at both large, brand name  companies and mid-size organizations focused on building and developing sales teams to achieve breakthrough sales results.

Category Tags: B2B

Consultancy: Ascend Sales Advisors


Chief SaaS Sales Officer

Mark Vashon

Early Growth Stage Startup Executive who Helps SaaS Firms Scale

Mark helps SaaS Early and Growth Stage scale, with 25+ years successfully driving revenue at the executive level for multiple startups. He is described by his colleagues as a hands-on, energetic, professional with extensive experience in GTM, Sales, Marketing, RevOps and Customer Success. His approach is very collaborative and operationally focused through identifying the root problem and defining a plan to solve the challenge.

Category Tag: SaaS

Consultancy: MNBM Consulting




Chief Sales Optimization Officer

Mark Shalinsky

Using Data & Dashboards to Improve Sales Targeting & Wins

Mark will simplify and organize your data in a way that provides you with insights that will help your team make the best decisions for growth. His domain expertise offers the ability to analyze data and convert them into action such as; Identifying market segments  Average sales price (ASP) for those market segments, Messaging specific to ideal customer profiles (ICPs), Win/loss cycles, and much much more.

Category Tag: B2B

Consultancy: Data Sales Science